An Interactive Learning Module on Fetal Blood Supply and Circulation for First-Year Medical Students

Fetal blood supply and circulation, with its many shunts and postnatal changes, can be difficult to learn, especially in the context of a busy anatomy course such as Structure and Function at the University of Toronto. There is little opportunity for exploration of fetal or newborn anatomy or placenta, in contrast to the opportunities for cadaveric study of adult human anatomy. Current visuals generally convey fetal blood supply and circulation through schematic line drawings, and there is a lack of interactive and non-schematic resources. This project aims to provide students with an interactive tool for learning about spatial and temporal features of fetal circulation through the use of animated representations of blood flow, as well as interactive 3D models of the heart, liver, and placenta.


Faculty Advisor
Dr. Shelley Wall
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Communications,
Institute of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine,
University of Toronto

Content Advisor
Dr. Michael Wiley
, BSc, MSc, PhD
Professor, Division of Anatomy,
Department of Surgery,
University of Toronto

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